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Do you have a LinkedIn account but never know what to do with it?

  • Want to tap into the world's biggest professional network?

  • Do you know how to get potential customers and clients to contact YOU?

  • Are you missing out on the biggest opportunity for free lead generation and brand awareness?

Register now for my Learn to Linkedin Workshop

Places are limited and only open to non-competing businesses, so register your interest quick!

*A date will be organised to meet your requirements as best as possible!

Learn to Linkedin Workshop for Beginners

Are you able to generate leads wherever you are - at home, at work or on the train to your next meeting?

  • Expand your professional network

    Tap into the world's biggest professional network and grow your contact list. You'll also be able to grow your local network with our workshop!

  • Generate Leads

    Get potential customers and clients to contact YOU

  • Create New Marketing Opportunities

    Don't miss out on the biggest opportunity for free lead generation and brand awareness

Linkedin Training Workshop Session in Warrington Office

Register now to get more information about my exclusive Learn to Linkedin Workshop.

Places are limited and only open to non-competing businesses, so register your interest quick!

Linkedin Training in Cheshire

LinkedIn Training in Cheshire

I'm Helen and I'm addicted to LinkedIn. Find out why I LinkedIn and how it's helped me with my business - and how it will help you generate more leads and more interest for your business.

  • LinkedIn Workshops

    Discover what professional Social Media Marketers are taught to maximise their clients LinkedIn profiles to increase business growth.

  • Become a LinkedIn Pro

    Discover why you should become a LinkedIn pro - not just for jobs but to generate leads for you and your business.

What you'll learn during the Workshop

During your training you'll discover the practices and techniques that I use for my clients including:

  • Profile

    Learn how to make your profile stand out and get people to notice you and what you do. Make your summary your own lead generator from Linkedin.

  • Connections

    Discover the best practices for building long-lasting relationships. From Influencers to potential leads you'll learn how to have the best chance to connect with key people who will boost your business

  • Content

    How to use content to grow your network and leads. Show your expertise not only on your profile, but to potential contacts and leads in targeted areas.

Boost your income through Linkedin
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About Me

Linkedin Training and Workshop holder Helen

I've worked with a number of professionals in my business - a Social Media Agency owner - and LinkedIn is the absolute number one lead generator for my business and my clients. We provide LinkedIn Managed Services for Lead Gen and over time we have developed and refined the best techniques, strategies, software and apps to maximise the results from time spent on the platform.

My workshops not only allows me to truly understand you and your business and your current knowledge of LinkedIn but deliver laser targeted content tailored to your business, your industry and your goals.

With the right strategy, knowledge and tools our clients get the best out of LinkedIn and I want to share those secrets with local businesses and entrepreneurs in Cheshire.

You can also read my latest thoughts and advice on Linkedin and Social Media on the blog

Read my latest Social Media thoughts
Social Media Consultancy

Blue Sky Digital Marketing

The business I started and own. The techniques I use for my business - both personal and for clients - are what you'll learn as part of the workshop

Find out more about Social Media Consultancy and Training Agency

In the heart of Cheshire

Based in Warrington, I can tailor your requirements for local, national or global business domination!

So whether you're a one man band or part of a multinational corporation I can maximise your time spent on LinkedIn.

Come say hello

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Bespoke Training Sessions

I can also offer a perfect, tailored, training session for you or your key employees in order to get the most out of Linkedin including:

One to One Training

  • One to one training tailored for you and your business.

    Great for entrepreneurs, and key decision makers who want to improve their business leads on LinkedIn.

    In this training session we'll go through your profile to maximise its potential, and how to identify and create relationships for lead generation

Group Workshop

  • Great for recruitment agencies, or sales teams a group workshop is perfect for small and large businesses to work together to learn the best practices for LinkedIn lead generation.

    By purposefully limiting availability to 5 team members, each profile and team member will be given professional advice.


  • Get my professional consultancy services, where I can help you relieve some of the stress of LinkedIn by looking after key aspects of your profile.

    From profile changes, to content and lead generation, you can concentrate on your business and what you do best - all while leads and relationships are being created.

    In order to get the best results I offer this on an extremely limited basis .

    Contact me for availability and to discuss further in detail.

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Used by Clients to Generate Leads

How my techniques have helped individuals and businesses build leads and grow their business
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I am ready to take your business to the next level

Become a LinkedIn Pro and fast track your business lead generation

For bookings, more info or any questions send me a message!

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